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halloween week

This week the children created crafts related to Halloween and will be celebrating the end of this week with a fancy dress party. On Tuesday they had an 'Orange Day', for which they all wore their different shades for this colour. 

The Bouncy Babies class made their own little Pumpkins and Witches hats, whilst the Tumble Tots and Jumping Jacks continued with their Autumn leaves theme and songs. The Tumble tots made their Forests, Birds and Pumpkins and the Jumping Jacks went on to paint their Autumn tree using the various Autumn colours. 

The Leaping Lizards and Jumping Jacks classes made fresh orange juice for Orange Day during their cooking sessions. For their arts and crafts, the Leaping Lizards made Monsters and Knuckle print pumpkins. The Stepping Stones classes made hand print spiders, threading their own spiders web along with flying witches. The Wiggly Worms made Pumpkin plates, their own little bracelets and little also some Styrofoam spiders. 

Whilst the Leaping Lizard and Jumping Jacks classes made orange juice during their cooking sessions, the Bouncy Babies made strawberry ghost pops, the Wiggly Worms made spider sandwiches with bread sticks and the Tumble Tots class made apple pie. All the children had lots of fun participating in creating their own special food creations. Not only did they enjoy these activities, but this also helped to engage and utilise their fine motor skills in a fun and effective manner. 


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