REd day

On this day the children all wore the colour red and participated in activities related to this colour. Scroll the pictures below using the left and right arrows to see more.... 

For their craft work, the Stepping Stones class painted Strawberries, a 'cough and sneeze -cover it please' craft as well as a Red Flower Leis, whilst the Jumping Jacks and Wiggly Worms made red Ladybirds. The Tumble Tots created lovely little  Apples and Hearts for their parents, whilst the Leaping Lizards class did red flower stamping and created their own paper plate version of 'Clifford the red dog'. The Bouncy Babies painted and pasted a watermelon and made an apple using fabric and seeds. 

Baking red velvet cupcakes, cracking open healthy pomegranates and carving out big red juicy watermelons were some of the activities some of the children engaged in during their cooking sessions. 

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