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Engaging in science projects helps develop a child's resourcefulness, particularly their skills at goal-setting, planning, and problem-solving. Science nurtures intellectual curiosity, helping children acquire new ways of asking questions and understanding the world.


The Stepping Stones class explored colours with baking soda, experimented with vinegar and magnets. They took a look at what dissolves in water, weight, measurements and capacity. 

The Jumping Jacks had fun taking turns on the Domino's chain reaction. They took part in seeing objects that would float and sink, the lava lamp and also the volcano eruption experiment. The also looked at milk changing colours. 

The Leaping Lizards also did the magic milk experiment, spoke about the clouds and rain and participated in the elephants toothpaste experiment. 

The Tumble Tots class took part in chemical reactions, also taking a look at why oil does not mix with water. They also experimented with Magnets and Density.  

The Bouncy Babies class took part in the pepper, skittles and colour experiment. 

The Wiggly Worms used bamboo sticks to pierce a plastic bag full of water to see how the water would not leak out.  

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