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Science week

The children of the Busy Bodies nursery took part in many experiments during Science week, the Wiggly Worms participated in the  magic bag trick and explored shadows using puppets, the Tumble Tots learnt about Arctic animals, solids and liquids and also made Tornado and Lava lamps. The Jumping Jacks got very excited to see the knock on domino effect, they learnt about sinking and floating and participating in the volcano eruption experiment. The Bouncy Babies made Dinosaur eggs, rockets and a pair of lungs with straws and plastic bags. The leaping lizards learnt how to make yogurt from milk and also took part in the 'elephant toothpaste experiment. The stepping Stones went on to experience chemical reactions and observe what can and can not dissolve in water. they also did the static electricity buttery experiment amongst others. 

Below are some snaps of their engaging moments. Use the right arrow to view more of the science related pictures.  Please wait for them to load. Thank you for your patience.