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Calendar 2024 - 2025




Term Starts:  Wednesday, 4th September 2024

Prophet’s Birthday PBUH:  Monday, 16th September 2024*

Half Term:  Friday, 25th October - Saturday, 2nd November 2024 (inclusive)


Term Ends: Tuesday, 17th December 2024 (children go home at 12 pm)


Winter Break:  Wednesday, 18th December 2024 - Sunday, 5th January 2025 (inclusive)




Term Starts:  Monday, 6th January 2025


Prophet’s Ascension:  Monday, 27th January 2025*

Half Term:  Friday, 21st February - Saturday, 1st March 2025 (inclusive)


Spring Break/Eid Al Fitr:  Friday, 28th  March - Saturday, 5th April 2025 (inclusive)


Term Ends:  Thursday, 1st May 2025 




Term Starts:  Sunday, 4th May 2025


Term Ends:  Tuesday, 3rd June 2025 (children go home at 12 pm)

Please note: Dates that have an asterisk (*) allocated next to them, mean they are provisional and subject to change in accordance to the information that we receive nearer the time by the Ministry.

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