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First Days at Nursery

The first few days of nursery can be an anxious time for children. Children need emotional support to feel secure and comfortable in their new environment. Our staff have many years of experience in early years settings and will work with parents to create a positive settling-in period.

Parents bringing new children to Busy Bodies may feel the need to spend some time being with their children in the classroom. Once children are showing interest in activities and are acknowledging and/or interacting with staff members, the teacher will advise parents to leave. Before you leave, you need to tell your child that you are coming back in a short while, say goodbye, wear a confident smile and make it as short a departure as possible. Leaving a child while he/she is preoccupied without saying goodbye, can be an extremely traumatic experience for the child and is not advised. If your child is distressed and is continually crying, we will call you to take your child home. 


We suggest children attend nursery for a period of two to three hours during the first few days. If the teacher feels your child is settling-in and has formed an attachment with a staff member, she will advise you to increase your child’s daily hours of attendance.  

We will inform parents if we feel children need more settling-in time.

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